What you did not know about drinking water

If there is one product that can really help quickly to a healthy, fit and slim body than the water!

It can help cure diseases, help you burn excess body fat and improve your sports performance by over 50%.

In this lesson, you learn what to look for if you drink water – because it is not always healthy!

You see more people walking around with bottles of mineral water or spring water. I was surprised to hear that tap water in the Netherlands higher quality than water from the supermarket.

Our tap water is healthier than all of the packaged water, at least the mineral. Spring water is in fact almost the same as tap water.

We may ourselves in Netherlands blessed with very healthy tap water, bottled water from the supermarket is no need for (and sometimes even worse).

“Tap water tastes bland”

Yet, many people say they find water “boring” or downright “dirty”.

During a little informal research I did showed that 85% of people water from a glass bottle was better than a glass.

So if you are one of those people find water, “boring”, try to drink water out of a glass bottle, chances are you’ll find it much better.

And besides, you get used very much to the taste of water. Hold it just three weeks full and you will find that you will find it much better.


Glass or plastic?

The danger of plastic bottles is that ‘week substances’ such as Bisphenol-A (BPA), BPB, BPE, BPF and BPD can sit.

Nowadays, almost all PET bottles BPA-free. The other week substances are not common. Read the label carefully before using the bottle.

Let your plastic bottle never stand in the sun and put a plastic bottle in a microwave. The week substances are especially under heat release.

It is safest to use a glass bottle and fill with tap water again and again.

Hungry … or thirsty?

For me it came as a surprise, I had never thought about, but you knew that many people (including myself) often hungry and thirsty confuse?

You think you’re hungry but actually you thirsty.

Maybe you think “No, I do not bother,” but try next time just to drink tap water when you’re hungry.

If the hunger goes away, you were not hungry, but thirsty!

So listen to your body. Ask yourself well whether you’re hungry or thirsty.

Take full advantage of tap water

Here are 4 simple steps you can follow every day to make the most of tap water:

  1. Drink tap water from a glass bottle . It is safer and it is not necessary (or even worse) to buy water in supermarkets.
  2. Drink in the morning, about 0.5 l of tap water . Place the glass bottle with water the evening before already waiting next to your bed or in the bathroom so you do not forget it.
  3. Drink some tap water if you’re hungry . So you first see if you are really hungry. You will notice that hunger after drinking a glass of water often disappears.
  4. Drink some tap water 30 minutes before eating . Note that drinking just before, just after or while eating disrupts digestion; So at least 30 minutes.

Healthier, fitter and slimmer with enough tap water

Make sure you always have a glass bottle on hand and fill it directly at when it is empty.

These simple tips can make a difference in your health and energy level.

Drinking water shortage is absolutely no cause of death in the Netherlands, but it is one of the causes of a sluggish feeling, obesity and other health problems.

What gets your fat burning stop?

There is a high probability that what you eat now ensures that you’ll never lose weight.

You will always yoyo back and (if you even though losing weight), and the biggest frustration is that you do not see where it comes from!

Of course you already know that sugar, pasta, bread, etc. is bad for you. But what about yogurt, oatmeal, cheese, legumes, vegetables, couscous, coffee, avocado, rye bread, butter and peanut butter?

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