The very simplest weight loss tips

You fall down by using tips and methods. Of course it is important to be aware of certain information about nutrition and health … but ultimately what matters is that you convert the button and what to.

Later in this lesson you will find two very simple weight loss tips that you can apply today. So you achieve real results!

Obesity is a sign that your body is out of balance. A healthy body because no overweight.

So if we make sure that your body is in balance and healthy, you are overweight disappears.

To restore your body healthy, you need the right nutrients. That gives you nutrients from your food (and drink).

To get the necessary nutrients from your food as much as possible it is important that your digestive system is functioning properly.

Your digestion starts in your mouth

The word digestion you probably immediately think of your stomach and your intestines. But did you know that one of the most important steps of your digestion occurs in the mouth?

If you chew your food, your body produces different enzymes that eat their way to your stomach begin to break down.

If eating once in your stomach (and later intestines) arrives nutrients are removed from the food easier and more efficient.

If you do not chew your food properly, food is not digested properly and it may be that you are much less nutrient content out of your food.

Tip # 1: Chew each bite at least 30 times

By 30 times to chew each bite you ensure that your body can produce the correct enzymes so that the food can be optimally absorbed by your body.

This helps ensure that your body can really get all the nutrients from your food and all these (additional) nutrients your body can function better.

Of course it is important that you eat the right foods. In the E-book “Eat This, Not That! If you want to lose weight “in Weight Loss Starter Pack look exactly which diet is best.

Too much food is not healthy

Another aspect that can affect your health is too much food.

There are several studies showing that eating more calories than necessary not only ensures obesity but also for a lower life expectancy.

In other words, the more you eat, the less you live.

Now the type of food you eat also has a major impact on your life, but one thing is sure …

You eat too much automatic

We have always been taught that we should empty our food plate. Our parents said it all when we were little, “First eat your empty plate.”

And there is nothing wrong with eating empty your plate …, throw away food is very sin.

But the problem is that we are often the last gasp too confidently that we still really hungry.

And those last morsels are now just the extra calories that we can not use. We take the last bite out of habit.

Tip # 2: Eat a smaller plate

The solution is quite simple. By simply creating less food you can eat well empty your plate without being unhealthy.

Scientific studies show that people who eat from a smaller plate, consume on average 15% less calories.

So you kill two birds with one stone. Fewer calories so your body can function as it should and you will burn fat easier too.

Again, it is important that you eat the right foods. What you eat is in fact more important than how much you eat when it comes to weight loss and health arrives.

Healthier, fitter and slimmer

Of course, these two tips are not the tips immediately to ensure that you’re in one month 10 kilograms lighter. But it’s the small steps that help.

Suddenly upset all your habits usually gives no lasting results. Change in small steps does.

Of all readers I can help there are few who have immediately from the beginning that changes in small steps work better than upset all at once.

Usually yo-yo and one or two times before the penny drops. Suddenly it becomes clear that you need to tackle obesity at the base.

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