So you eat less sweet and salty

Sweet or salty food is often the biggest temptation for people who want to lose weight. You know it probably …

You’ve just eaten, but have you craving something sweet or something zouts. You do not understand why your body suddenly hungry, you just ate!

In this lesson I’ll give you a (slightly separate) tip that will help you to eat less salt and sweet.

It is, as you might have experienced themselves, quite possible to become addicted to salty or sweet food and drinks.

Not for everyone, but some people do.

If you eat something because zouts or sweet, there are certain fabrics in your brains rather giving you a very pleasant feeling.

This causes your brain this salty or sweet food really ‘nice’ is found. And by that I mean it would have more of.

A downward spiral

And just like many other addictions, you need higher and higher doses to get the same “kick”.

This higher dose is not so much food with sugar or salt, but food is always a little sweeter or saltier than usual.

Little by little you so becoming sweeter and saltier food.

The only way to stop the downward spiral is to be to leave this unhealthy habit and sweet and salty foods aware.

A snag

But there is a snag. How salt or how sweet is something very personal.

Maybe you have ever experienced you found something very sweet or salty and that someone else without even just notice on at.

How sweet or how salt is something, is very dependent on your interpretation. For example, it is dependent on:

  1. How salty or sweet you normally eat.
  2. What time of day (or month) it is.
  3. Whether you have or not attention to your food. On this last point I would like to talk.

Distraction makes you fat

Scientific research has shown that people who felt their attention no less sweet when eating salty snacks were less salty and sweet drinks than those who have had their attention to their food.

So in other words, if you look at the TV while you eat, appt’re reading with friends or an article, you probably eat saltier and sweeter than you think.

And we have to watch it, because too much salt and fresh food makes you store more and more fat.

So you eat less sweet and salty

People who are distracted while eating, food and drink sweeter and saltier than those who keep their attention on their food.

Try these few meals once (much of) to keep your attention on your food.

Watch what you eat, what you eat can smell, taste really what you eat.

It may sound a bit exaggerated, but only this awareness can all help to reverse the downward spiral into an upward spiral.

Listen to your body

By keeping your attention when you eat gonna get better listen to your body.

Where you used to signal “I’m not hungry anymore” missing from your body, because your attention was absorbed in a television program, game or product …

… you notice now this signal and you can just stop in time to eat.

Again, this is one of the small steps which I told you about in Lesson 2 you need to restore slim, healthy and fit body.


A term sometimes used for this custom is Mindfulness.

Do not be intimidated or deterred success this term. Mindfulness has nothing vague or woolly and very concrete.

Keep your attention on what you’re doing. Do not do things without thinking and do not get carried away with your thoughts.

What ingredient block your fat burning?

If you have trouble losing weight, there’s a good chance you a specific E-number or other (chemical) ingredient eat you block fat burning.

Until you have found this ingredient you will always return yo-yo and (if you even though falling off). And the biggest frustration is that you do not know where it can get.

You try all sorts of methods and techniques, but until you find the ingredient techniques will work hard.

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