If Lisa can, you can too!

A few weeks ago we received a very enthusiastic response from Lisa. In five weeks it was as much as 11 kilos lost. What a great result! We wanted to know more about. I contacted her and she told her amazing story:

Overweight due to illness

“Every day I looked in the mirror, I did not recognize myself. An energetic and always cheerful “sportswoman” I had gone to a listless and tired woman. I had no peace with it. ”

There were several reasons why Lisa had arrived in recent years.

“In my 40 e birthday I had surgery, removal of ovaries, uterus, cervix. The recovery was not well and I then have to undergo two operations, three operations so in less than six weeks. Also I was then immediately violently in transition. ”

Instead Lisa revamped after the surgery she received more and more complaints. Extensive investigations showed bad news; which resulted in recent years in the use of many drugs.

Smoothie Weight Loss Plan test person

Six years later, now 46 years old, Lisa had gone from 54 kg to 68 kg. Then she decided that enough was enough.

“Through the Internet I came across the site of Jasper Alblas justified. Now I’m not a layman regarding nutrition and what is involved in it, I have playing sport at a high level. But because I do not “line type” are, in fact I have never ruled, I was looking for something that would suit me. ”

“It so happened that Jasper had just been Smoothie Weight Loss Plan was devising and so I came as a” test person “in contact with the Smoothie Weight Loss Plan. And that went very well, I did away with excess weight and was in no time again to 60 kg. ”

Lisa, however, used at that time a lot of medications. In the past two years they remained therefore 64 kg. She was not happy. In the mirror she still saw a “sick” and tired woman with little joy.

“And then suddenly, I had had it. I went on vacation and I have literally taken leave of all the old eating habits and negative thoughts I had. ”

A fresh start

When she returned she grabbed the falling through the Smoothie Weight Loss Plan immediately again.

“Not only was at the Smoothie Weight Loss Plan incredibly liked, but also the psychology behind it. I decided to start again with the plan and I went with the view of Jasper started: as many unprocessed and low carbohydrate food . ”

And that was not the only one …

“I jettisoned my medication, yes really … all out !! Stock cabinets emptied coffee completely renounced … Now only healthy food, organic, grass-fed, etc … Result: five weeks 11 kg. lost!”

And they not only fell off ..

“Not only I lost weight. Snapped my skin, my energy levels crept up again, my concentration at work increased again and my negative thoughts ebbed slowly away. Also, I had not continuous headache, better bowel movements and a beautiful super flat tummy !

My doctor had trouble with the fact that I did not want any more medication, but my blood values ​​do not lie. Which have improved tremendously in seven weeks. Even my ignition values ​​have decreased enormously.

I keep strictly to the Smoothie Weight Loss Plan and the delicious recipes from the two 7 × 7 cookbooks . But actually goes without saying, it’s all very nice and after a while you know many recipes and smoothies out of your head. “

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