Healthy and lose weight fast: the full story

This article is for people who want to fall rapidly. Lose weight without yo-yo effect: every kilo goes off, which remains off.

In this article describes exactly how your fat burning stimulates your body. By applying this simple, healthy and efficient methods fall off quickly.

If you apply what is in this article you will:

  • To lose 3 kilos per week , every week again.
  • Every kilo you lose not get more (no yo-yo effect).
  • Never having to suffer hunger.
  • Know exactly what you can and can not eat.

If you apply what is described in this article you will be enjoyable, healthy, and easy to lose weight quickly .

Eating and exercise to lose weight

Diet and exercise are two natural factors that determine your weight. By sufficient exercise and eat healthy, you will lose weight quickly.


Our modern diet contains a lot of carbohydrates, such as grains and sugars. From these carbohydrates gives you energy to survive. According to scientists, however, your body ‘made’ to extract energy from healthy fats and fruits and not from koolhdyraten.

In the millions of years of evolution man eats only the last few hundred years many carbohydrates. All those hundreds of thousands of years before we ate mainly healthy fats and vegetables. Your body is not adapted to modern food with many carbohydrates such as grains and sugars.

In  The New York Times , a study by Dr. Ludwig and his team described showing that the amount of carbohydrates in your diet largely determines your weight, not the amount of available energy. Your body is still used to get the energy it needs from healthy fats and vegetables.

The same study shows Dr. Ludwig that healthy fat diet produces much more energy available than produce carbohydrates. In other words, (healthy) fat food supplies available energy. Quick weight loss is due to the burning of the available energy.

The more carbohydrates (such as grains and sugar) you eat, the ‘fatter’ you are. And the more healthy fats you eat, the more energy you have. The supply of healthy fats, contrary to popular belief, no problems with your heart and circulatory system. According to a scientific analysis conducted by the American Heart Association , people who get lots of oily fish or other healthy fats eat less heart attack.


Our modern exercise habits mostly inaction of long periods (eg the computer) and the “healthy” people three times a week exercise at least half an hour.

In the millions of years of evolution, the human moves only in recent decades so little. All those hundreds of thousands of years before we were actually in constant motion and had brief periods of extremely intense exercise.

The human body was designed to move, not to sit still for long periods. has shown that the risk can be reduced obesity by simply moving more and less to sit in a study at the University of Leicester.

The human body is however  not designed to provide long-intensity exercise (like more than half an hour running). A study done at the University of Amsterdam shows that 37% to 56% of long-distance runners injuries annually.

In addition, long periods of intense effort ensure that the stress hormone cortisol is produced. Cortisol has many negative effects on your health and weight loss.

I will already tell you: do you lose weight fast not to walk through more hard.

In contrast short and extremely intensive effort makes you burn a lot of energy without being too long overload your body. In his book Body By Science writes Doug McGuff (MD) twelve minutes extremely intense exercise per week results in more weight loss than three times a week for an hour running.

Our bodies are made to be almost constantly moving with occasional brief moment of extreme intensity exercise. This ensures the correct biochemistry in your body so you burn fat quickly and will lose weight so quickly.

The roadmap to lose weight fast

The misconception about nutrition and exercise described above, the reason is that there are so very many cases of obesity. The following describes how to eat and exercise make you healthy, lose weight easily and quickly.

There are three steps that will make you lose weight quickly before.

  • Step 1: Eliminate sugar and carbohydrates eat.
  • Step 2: More healthy fats and vegetables.
  • Step 3: Exercise more.

Below are the three steps are further explained.

Step 1: No more sugar and carbohydrates

Our diet has changed significantly in recent decades. Today, we eat a lot of food produced. Produced foods generally contain a lot of carbohydrates. These carbohydrates are converted into sugar in your body. White bread, for example, implemented in the foreseeable future in your body sugar. Examples of carbohydrates include pasta, rice, potatoes, bread and pizza.

Carbohydrates contain energy. But the energy from carbohydrates is easily stored as body fat.

The solution to the power factor is just as food as we ate thousands of years ago: a lot of healthy fats, lots of healthy vegetables and less carbohydrates.

Step 2: More healthy fats and vegetables

The human body is designed to convert healthy fats and vegetables in the energy we need to live. By increasing the number of healthy fats and vegetables in your diet, you lose weight faster – without an annoying feeling of hunger.

We all know that vegetables contain important nutrients to keep ourselves alive. Unfortunately, the number of nutrients in vegetables has declined significantly in recent decades, intensification of agriculture and horticulture. To grow a lot of vegetables per square meter yields a decrease in the nutritional value of the vegetables on. Some vegetables are no longer grown on the cold ground but on rock wool. In order to get enough essential nutrients, it is important that you have about 400 grams of vegetables (preferably organic) eat per day.

Try one day as many different colors to eat vegetables. The fruit color indicates what nutrients are in it. The more different colors of vegetables you eat, the more different nutrients you ingest. Especially dark green vegetables contain many good nutrients.

Fats have many people still have a negative name. Fats are often associated with cardiovascular disease and obesity. It is true that certain fats that promote obesity and cardiovascular disease. These fats I call unhealthy fats. Unhealthy fats are fats produced mainly (including the so-called “trans fats”). Conversely avoid healthy fats properly cardiovascular disease and obesity. These healthy fats are all originally come from nature (natural as well as animal fats).

Examples of healthy fats are:

  • cold-water fish, such as herring, mackerel, sardines and wild salmon
  • grass-fed meat
  • eggs (rich in Omega-3)
  • walnut / walnut oil
  • extra virgin olive oil
  • coconut oil
  • linseed / flaxseed oil
  • sunflower seeds
  • pumpkin seeds
  • sesame / sesame oil
  • avocado

Try to add as many as possible of these healthy fats to your diet. And also try to eat as many vegetables per day. For the best quantity you should listen to your body. If you experience hunger, you must increase the number of healthy fats and vegetables. If you just feel full, you can intake some juniors.

Step 3: Move More

We spend our time 50% to 70% by sitting. This has a negative impact on our weight and our health. An increase of thirty minutes exercise a day quiet and occasional short and extremely intensive effort makes a huge difference in your fat burning and therefore weight.

Many move to a low intensity can include walking through more or cycling into your daily routine. Can cycle to work or park your car a few blocks away, so you walk fifteen minutes to your car every morning and evening.

You may also need exercise in your daily routine installed by example always go half an hour walk after dinner, to cycle to work or quietly swim for half an hour in the morning. Try every day to move at least half an hour of low intensity.

Make sure you are not left behind the other still. Try to work anything to do every hour, for example: go get a drink, do not take the elevator but take the stairs, walk to the printer or go to the toilet. If the situation allows, you can do some stretching exercises during your work.

If you really want to lose weight quickly, it is important to do ‘Short and Ultra Intensive training (KEI training). KEI training does take extra effort. KEI training is not necessary to lose weight fast, but I recommend it to.

KEI training ensures even faster burning of body fat. Not only sports during intensive, but also after it is burned fat. Below are described my two favorite KEI training.

1. Perform the following exercises all once and behind each other. Keep the exercises so long as you can.

  • Push-ups (maximum number of repetitions)
  • Pull-ups (maximum number of repetitions)
  • Saws: Place one knee and one hand on a bench (or bed) so that your body is parallel to the floor. Hold a weight in your hand and pull it straight free weight slowly to your chest. Then let the weight back quietly bags (maximum repetitions)
  • Wall Sit: Place your feet about 30 centimeters from the wall and sit against the wall so that your back is against the wall and your knees at an angle of 90 degrees. If necessary, adjust the position of your feet (keep this up as long as you can).

2. Six times 30 seconds full sprint. Keep about 90 to 120 seconds rest between sprints sessions.

It is important that you are really going to extremes in both exercises. Only then will you experience the benefits of the KEI training. Of course do try to prevent injuries. By giving the utmost during this training, your body gets enough “incentive” to lose weight fast.

It is best to perform each exercise once a week. So in total your sport than twice a week, once and once sprinting strength. Preferably in the open air because it is good for your body (lots of oxygen and good cooling).

The KEI training is equally applicable to women and men . You do not like women to be afraid that you will get a muscular body of this brief training. Your body will not exceed tighter formed. It’s for a woman almost impossible to be very muscular without taking male hormones. In contrast, men will certainly grow visible muscle.

Again, KEI-training is not necessary to lose weight fast, but I recommend it because it improves your overall health. For some people, twice the stairs and run down even though an entire effort. In that case, I recommend to start with that.

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