Away with the summer kilos

The end of summer is already in sight. Most people have been on holiday and slowly begins again rhythm to come into our lives.

For many people it is time to put things in order and come to the conclusion that there is still a lot of barbecue is consumed and there are many ice creams and drinks.

Why do you come during the summer?

On average Dutch are about 2 to 5 kilos in the summer. The fixed schedule and eating habits is then temporarily released. You sleep a little longer, often dining out and shoot with it in sports. This means that you usually eat larger portions, more and more unhealthy snacks and eat more alcohol  drinks.

You notice quickly than what your body feels more bloated, you become softer skin and your pants get tighter down.

If you then also goes on an all inclusive holiday to a sunny place, where you have the whole day at the beach and have constant access to buffets that you can eat unlimited, then sit those extra kilos in no time at.

The button must again

It’s okay to occasionally your rhythms and routines to abandon get away. It lets you realize and experience that you do not feel better unhealthy food. However, it is important that you not too long sticks and the button knows to convert.

High time to get started and give your body back what it needs. Apply the following seven tips, and lose excess kilos fast summer.

Seven tips to get in shape quickly after the holidays:

1. Pick up the wire now on

No excuses, beginning after reading this item with healthy eating . You can always find a reason why you do not start today, but tomorrow, but do not fool yourself.

Pick up the thread again, remove unhealthy foods from your cupboards and put the refrigerator full of your favorite fruits and vegetables, then put one step.

2. Accept your body as it is now,

Try not to have stress because you are heavier at this time. Accept your body as it is now. You were there with you when the kilos to eat, and when it’s good you enjoyed it, so do it now, no problem. Do not reject yourself, but also enjoy that you are healthy again busy.

3. Do not crash

You may have a tendency to temporarily starve yourself and very little to eat as soon as possible to lose weight , but that’s not healthy, and certainly do not need to lose weight successfully. Therefore not do it. Your body is only there to confuse, and comes just in sleep, making it unable to fully burn (abdominal) fat .

Always eat three healthy main meals a day: breakfast, lunch and evening meal and take when you pull in between have a healthy snack. Just by adopting this diet again you will find that you lose weight.

4. Avoid carbohydrates and eat of course

Pay careful attention to your carbohydrate intake . Probably you’ve eaten a lot of carbohydrates in the holidays in the form of bread, rice, pasta, potatoes, pizzas and breakfast cereals. Delete it immediately from your diet. You are therefore quickly your summer kilos.

Just eat foods from nature. No power in packets, bags or cans. On Jaspers list is exactly what the best can eat to lose weight successfully. If you eat according to the list, is your diet consist mainly of meat, fish, eggs, nuts, vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts and oils.

5. Write down your goals

What do you want to achieve? Knowing is measured. Step on the scale and write down how much you weigh. Also write what your ideal weight and when you want to have achieved that. Make sure you have this goal firmly in mind, hang possibly somewhere where you see it often. For example on the refrigerator or on the screen saver on your laptop.

Do not go blind every day staring at the scales, weigh yourself twice a month. Ask yourself do often ask: how do I feel now?

If weight loss is slower than you would like, you might notice other things that go better with your health. For example, your skin looks better, you feel more energetic, your stool is good and you can focus better.

also take a picture of yourself and make every month a new photo so you can see your changing body.

6. Move more

The sports pick up again can be difficult and cause some frustration. You will notice that the first three times very heavy. You’re in no time breathless, have less power and you’re after an hour devastated. Nothing, sports in this way, while you are on holiday so delicious was in.

Do not give up, you should stop by biting the bullet. Just as it takes time for your body again has the correct shape, it takes time to get back in shape.

Put your mind to zero and realize that next week will be different, and know you’ll then have fun.

7. Drink water

On the terrace, the choice for a glass of cold soda with ice, a beer or a glass of wine made easy. This gives you unwittingly much more calories in than you think. The sugars and alcohol make sure that is not optimal fat burning body. Therefore choose to now only water to drink and herbal teas.

Make fresh infusions of verbena, mint and ginger with a lemon slice and make your own soda by adding slices of cucumber, lime, thyme and mint to your water.

Do not wait any longer and start today by following these tips, and you’re off in no time your summer kilos. Success!

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